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Unit for Digital Documentation

Unit for Digital Documentation (EDD) is established as part of the Faculty of Humanities in order to maintain and further develop the databases and the electronic collections of the so-called Documentation Project.

EDD offers to its users a number of searchable databases on the web. The most renowned for Norwegian users are the online dictionaries for the two official written forms of the Norwegian language - bokmål and nynorsk. In addition to the databases availible to the public, faculty students and staff as well as some external users has access to several other databases using our own specially developed software.

EDD also offers support to the units of The Faculty of Humanities in the production of large digital collections and databases. EDD is well experienced in the handling of sound, images and text. This entails planning, modelling and implementation of large digital information systems, support for the digitalisation of collections from analogue formats and the developing of software with specialised user interfaces for researchers, students and the general public.

EDD's competence lies within the fields of lexicography, language technology, corpus linguistics, onomastics, historical document archives, photo, object collections within archaeology/cultural history and natural history.

EDD has carried out large projects for others, the largest of which has been the Museum Project. We are also co-operating as partners in national and international projects, and are engaged in the development of several standards within humanistic informatics, museum informatics and documentation systems for cultural heritage.

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