TEI Ontologies SIG workshop

University of Michigan in Ann Arbor, USA, November 9-11 2009, in connection with the Conference and Members’ Meeting of the TEI Consortium

Supported by the TEI Consortium through the SIG Grant Fund

Call for presentations and participation

Organisers: Øyvind Eide and Christian-Emil Ore, University of Oslo.

Program for the workshop.

In the last few years, the TEI Ontologies SIG has been working on how world knowledge is expressed in TEI documents, in connection to other standards such as CIDOC-CRM and FRBR. This work has been reported in the meetings of the SIG as documented on the SIG Wiki.

As agreed at the SIG meeting in November 2007, an important next step will be to “start on the development of guidelines for how to create TEI documents that easily may be mapped to ontologies such as the CIDOC-CRM”. We propose a workshop in connection with the TEI meeting in November 2009 that will result in such a set of guidelines.

The workshop will include presentations from projects and individuals working in this field. Specifically, we want to build on results from projects in which similar types of mappings have been done. We will identify the types of information present in the TEI documents that can be mapped based on their markup, and the types of information that is missing because of lack of markup. What are the changes that should be done to the original documents in order to provide for better mappings?

The types of information that may form the basis of such mappings are diverse. Typical examples from real-life texts that have been described in previous work include:

Based on the work at the workshop, a set of guidelines for how to create TEI documents that will be suitable for mapping into ontologies such as CIDOC-CRM and FRBR will be drafted. The SIG conveners will be responsible for finalizing the guidelines, with support from the rest of the SIG.

The workshop will be open to everyone with an interest in the topics being addressed. We will specifically welcome representatives for relevant projects and from related standards to make presentations and take part in the discussion. We would also welcome participants with thorough knowledge of TEI and the XML family of standards.

We hope the workshop discussion will address theoretical as well as practical work. We will be open for traditional presentations (short or long papers) as well as demonstrations and posters.

Please send a note to oyvind.eide@iln.uio.no by August 1 stating that you would like to take part and what kind of interest you have in the area. If you would like to do a presentation of any kind, please also include a short abstract.

There will be some limited funding availible to help participants with their accomodation expenses during the workshop. Please inform the organisers if you would like to apply for such funding.

There is also a possibility for funding available for young European researchers: http://www.lib.umich.edu/spo/teimeeting09/bursaries.html

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