African Languages (under construction)

The ALLEX (African Languages Lexicon Project) is co-ordinated by Oddrun Grřnvik from the University of Oslo and Dr. Herbert Chimhundu from the University of Zimbabwe. Dr. Christian Emil Smith Ore and Dr. Daniel Ridings have participated and represented their organizations since 1992.

The participating organizations are:


This demonstration makes the corpus resources from the African Languages Lexicon Project available for researchers working in Shona and Ndebele.

The corpora have been created in order to provide the lexicographers in Zimbabwe with modern evidence for the languages they are working with.


Corpus: Context: Query: Help


Corpus: Context: Query: Help


The material for this corpus have been collected by Emmanuel Chabata (University of Zimbabwe and University of Oslo).

Corpus: Context: Query: Help

Mauritian Creole

Corpus: Context: Query: Help

Shona morphology

This is a demonstration of the morphology work being done on Shona by Daniel Ridings, Unit for Digital Documentation, Oslo University. The work has been done in a context of the ALLEX project.

For more information go to The Allex Project or write to Daniel Ridings for more information about the morphological analysis in particular.

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